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The Community Conversation

It is a social space to connect, share and inspire each other with our great ideas and personal global initiatives.

It is an online social community with no fees that is 100% private

You can share your ideas in a creative, educational, collaborative environment. 

There are no ads, no donations are solicited, and there are no profit driven engines!

We never collect, track or share your data or content. 

What you see, share, like, and comment on is never manipulated by algorithms.

About Us

Our Earth Every Day places the spotlight on the people whose ideas and individual actions, like pebbles in a pond, ripple out to make great change.

The Our Earth Every Day Community recognizes the thorny issues that we face, but we have changed the lens through which we view them.

Please join Our Earth Every Day in an atmosphere of optimism, collaboration, humor and creativity to engage our unlimited imaginations for the good of the earth and all those who live on it.

Community Posting Guidelines

If you would like to share, here is what we are looking for:

  • Ideas that benefit the earth and each other
  • Good Deeds you have done or observed
  • Celebration ideas
  • Personal and community initiatives

We are looking for content that is:

  • Inspiring
  • Optimistic
  • Creative
  • Educational
  • Actionable

And we wouldn’t mind a bit if it’s also humorous, imaginative, and fires us up!

  • Our Earth Every Day has a profoundly different perspective. The mission is to spotlight the Power of You – to seek your ideas and actions which impact our world in a positive manner.
  • Our Earth Every Day is about Every Day” people and our grass roots efforts as individual experts. Ours is not a platform for the famous, this one is for us!
  • Our Earth Every Day highlights and appreciates what “Every Day” people, from 4 to 104 years of age, all over the world are doing even if some might consider the effort small.
  • Our Earth Every Day has the attitude that we can accomplish mighty things through our personal actions. And, in recognizing that each of us is a part of a community, we draw strength for our efforts from the collaboration with others.
  • Our Earth Every Day seeks to be the site where you come to have your sometimes-flagging spirit bolstered. Our spirit is positive and collaborative – no guilting, no gnashing of teeth, no animosity, no overwhelming angst nor despair. Those perspectives and emotions certainly haven’t gotten us very far very fast. But as Shakespeare noted, we are “burning daylight” so let’s get this party started. We hope to help you find your passion, and to engage in your mission through the worthy projects that we share.
  • Our Earth Every Day shines a light on positive achievements being done or easily incorporated into our daily routines, focuses on the can-do rather than a no-hope agenda, and rewards each of us for our good decisions no matter how inconsequential they might seem, helping us to be assured that we can move forward in making our world a better place.

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